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Rebekah C. Markheim, Psy.D., she/her

Therapy Services — Denver

Mountain Sunrise

Online Counseling via HIPAA compliant platform provided for all services. Please contact Dr. Markheim for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Sometimes you just need help. This may be getting through a crisis, confronting a long-term issue, dealing with change, accepting loss, or adjusting to one of life’s stages. Most people experience times in their lives when they just need a helping hand. Therapy Services I offer can help you get through your challenging times.

Therapy can help you solve problems. It can also change direction, take care of yourself, and improve your well-being.

In my practice I offer services for:

For more information on counseling and therapy services, or to schedule an initial consultation, please call/text 303.810.5275. The first step in feeling better can begin with a phone call.

Please note: for convenience, online counseling is offered for all services.

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