Counseling for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Improve the Mind-Body Connection

If you are a physician or healthcare professional suffering from burnout, relationship issues, or health issues, it may be difficult to talk with an outsider; but a confidential source can be the perfect fit to talk with about your troubles and help find coping mechanisms.

Today’s healthcare environment is more stressful than ever, and it can help to talk about what is realistically in our control, versus having obsessive perfectionism. Dr. Markheim has eight years working in medicine and many providers appreciate her compassionate and direct approach.

Let’s begin a dialog to see where things can go.

Contact Rebekah

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please call/text 303.810.5275. The first step in feeling better can begin with a phone call.

Also offered are counseling for caregivers and bereavement / grief counseling.

Please note: for convenience, online counseling is offered for all services.

Dr. Rebekah Markheim, Psychologist Denver