LGBTQ+ Issues Counseling

LGBTQ+ Counseling

Insights From Your Community

If you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, you might need help with issues specifically related to sexual orientation or gender identity. Or, perhaps you simply want to work with a medical provider who understands the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and community. My LGBTQ+ Psychology Counseling is uniquely insightful.

LGBTQ+ Issues Counseling include:

Coming out (to yourself, parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, and co-workers)

Telling your parents that you’re gay or transgender

Telling your children that you’re gay or transgender

Blending families with a partner

Religious struggles related to sexual orientation

Accepting yourself for who you are

Gender identity issues

Transgender transitions

LGBTQ+ cultural competency trainings:

Trainings for mental health providers

Corporate training for employees, management and medical providers

Training for medical providers

Cancer in the LGBTQ+ community

Educational SafeZone trainings

Transitioning at work

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For more information on LGBTQ+ Counseling or to schedule an initial consultation, please call/text 303.810.5275. The first step in feeling better can begin with a phone call.

Also offered are counseling for life changes and bereavement / grief counseling.

Please note: for convenience, online counseling is offered for all services.

Dr. Rebekah Markheim, Psychologist Denver