LGBTQ+ and Health Care

Do we have a chair at the table?

LGBTQ+ and Health Care

As you care for your health, remember your mental health, too.  There is a mind/body connection.  Talk with an LGBTQ+ psychologist about the difficulties you’re experiencing.  It may help to get it off your chest.  The LGBTQ+ community is often dismissed or demeaned in healthcare.  Attend to your mental health care and see an LGBTQ+ psychologist.

Organized groups of LGBTQ+ advocates are promoting physical as well as mental health care. Their research and information can help give you a chair at the table.

Our practice suggests two of these groups for you to visit for more information:

One Colorado is a Colorado advocate group that features many local resources.

The National Coalition for LGBTQ Health is conducting “The 21st National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week from March 20-24, 2023.
Please visit their website at for more information and advocacy.

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