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Health Issues — Denver

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Health Issues can take a toll on your mental health, which in turn, can circle back and affect your physical health. I work closely with medical providers to improve the mind-body connection.

I offer the following services for Health Issues Counseling:

  • Chronic Medical Conditions
    Chronic illnesses can take an extreme toll on the person who is ill and on the caregiver. If you or someone you love is struggling with a chronic medical condition, therapy can help.
  • Acute Medical Conditions
    Acute medical conditions can strike people of all ages, and many develop into chronic medical conditions. Counseling can help you deal with the feelings of loss, helplessness, and mortality that often accompany acute medical conditions.
  • Adjustment to Illness
    With both chronic and acute medical conditions, there’s a period of adjustment in accepting that life may never be the same again. Therapy can help you adjust to the new reality and the feelings of grief and loss that often accompany illness and physical limitations. Therapy can also help you reinforce resilience and establish strength as you re-create normalcy.
  • Medical Trauma
    Medical trauma caused by accidents, injuries, or surgery can be especially difficult to deal with because of its sudden and shocking nature. One minute, life is “normal,” the next minute, everything has changed. Many severe and life-threatening injuries can also lead to secondary, lifelong complications. Counseling sessions can help you heal emotionally, as you heal physically.
  • Miscarriage
    A miscarriage is a tremendous loss. Your body physically changes to accommodate the fetus; progression and development is accompanied with excitement and planning. What do you do when the excitement and hopes for the future abruptly end? No one sees the loss, but you feel it physically and emotionally, and you’re forced to change plans. Therapy has helped parents deal with their loss and rebuild hope after a miscarriage.

For more information on health issues counseling and therapy services, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 303.810.5275.

Please note: for convenience, online counseling is offered for all services.

Also offered are counseling for caregivers and bereavement / grief counseling.

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