Gay and Lesbian Issues

I recently saw a local play about gay marriage in the US. This, coupled with Ireland passing gay marriage, Spain passing gay marriage, and Indiana passing legislation legalizing gay and lesbian discrimination reminds me that gay and lesbian individuals and couples continue to face interpersonal, societal, and institutional judgment and discrimination. Many gays and lesbians encounter judgment from a very young age while living at home and/or through their religious institutions. Some encounter discrimination as adults at work or from healthcare providers.

Such external judgments have frequently evolved into internalized homophobia. Sometimes refuting the internal and external homophobic judgments lasts into adulthood and may impact numerous relationships as well as self-perception and self-esteem. Hopefully these harmful judgments haven’t progressed into depression or anxiety.

Let’s struggle toward a better life against the gravitational pull of those abusive words and actions, and fight not to succumb to the dark view often projected upon us.  If you need help acknowledging that you are a gift, a person worthy of respect, then call. Let’s work to change the meaning of reparative therapy to instead represent the process of repairing self-esteem and self-image that is often caused by societal judgment and discrimination against gays and lesbians.