Doctors and Mental Illness

A recent anonymous post on Medscape reminds us that doctors also have mental illness.  Admitting to mental illness for doctors can be excruciatingly humiliating and ego-dystonic.  Doctors are at the top of the pack in terms of knowledge and ability, so to admit to an illness, let alone a mental illness, can be shameful.  The shame goes so deep that some doctors commit suicide, of which there were a slue of articles about earlier this year.  The most common diagnoses are depression and anxiety, which as you know, can be effectively treated with both medication and psychotherapy.  Doctors, you are at the top of the pack, but you can’t avoid genetics, the inherent life stressors, or the trauma witnessed by many doctors.  Many doctors have depression, anxiety, and PTSD that is untreated and impacts their careers and their lives.

As a health psychologist, an integrative psychologist, and the daughter of a surgeon, I work with doctors in my practice who understand that even as the ultimate care providers you are, you still need help.  I provide a space for the humiliation and shame to be released.  I provide an environment where you are respected as a whole human being, strengths and weaknesses.  I respect your courage.  Please contact me for an appointment.