Depression and anxiety are common with the chronically ill and their caregivers, as the following study reconfirms.  This study focuses on cystic fibrosis, but depression and anxiety are common with most chronic conditions and illnesses.  Furthermore, caregivers also experience higher amounts of depression and anxiety.  I specialize in working with depression and anxiety in caregivers and in the emotional and behavioral issues related to chronic illness. Please make a call to help care for yourself.

Background: Individuals with chronic diseases and parent caregivers are at increased risk for symptoms of depression and anxiety. Prevalence of psychological symptoms was evaluated in adolescents and adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) and parent caregivers across nine countries.

Conclusions: Symptoms of depression and anxiety were elevated in both patients with CF and parents across several European countries and the USA. Annual screening of psychological symptoms is recommended for both patients and parents.

Results of the International Depression Epidemiological Study Across Nine Countries
Alexandra L Quittner, Lutz Goldbeck, Janice Abbott, Alistair Duff, Patrick Lambrecht, Amparo Solé, Marijke M Tibosch, Agneta Bergsten Brucefors, Hasan Yükse, Paola Catastini, Laura Blackwell, Dave Barker
Thorax. 2014;69(12):1090-1097.