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Caregiving Counseling. Dr. Rebekah Markheim, Psychologist Denver.

When someone becomes injured or ill (with an acute or chronic medical condition), all of the attention becomes focused on the patient. The person with the injury or illness generally has a team of physicians, nurses, and other medical providers offering care, but who cares for the caregiver?

If you’re the caregiver, in all likelihood, you’re scheduling appointments, coordinating medical treatments with physicians, paying the bills, helping make difficult decisions, and more… all the while struggling to meet the other obligations and responsibilities in your life.

If you’re feeling tired, isolated, and stressed out, counseling can help. In a safe, controlled environment, you can express your feelings, get support, and learn to set healthy boundaries.

I offer caregiving counseling services for:

  • Spouses and partners who are caregivers
  • Parents who are caregivers for children
  • Children who are caregivers for parents
  • Friends and family members who are caregivers

For more information on caregiving counseling and therapy services, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 303.810.5275.

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Please note: I also offer bereavement / grief counseling and health issues counseling at my office.

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